Project Gallery

Meeting with World Bank Mission on Karachi Urban Transport Program (27-Sep-2017)

10th Board of Directors Meeting held on 30th August, 2017

KDA Chowrangi – Pumping Station

Green Line BRTS – Complete Corridor

Green Line BRTS – Project Execution

Presentation on BRTS to World Bank (12-July-2017)

Presentation to Sec. Communications (21-July-2017)



GL-07 Bus Stations (ELEVATED)

GL-06 Bus Stations (AT GRADE)

Project Progress GL-05 (Surjani to 2 Minute Chowrangi)

Project Progress GL-04 (2 Minute Chowrangi to Nagan Chowrangi)

Project Progress GL-03 (Board Office Interchange)

Project Progress GL-02 (Nagan to Nazimabad Chowrangi)

Project Progress GL-01 (Guru Mandir to Nazimabad Chowrangi)

Project Progress GL-UT-01 (Utilities Relocation)

1st Annual General Meeting Held on 21st November 2016

8th BOD Meeting Held on 21st October 2016

1st Monitoring Committee Held on 30th September 2016

Operational Study CBD Extension on 15th August, 2016

URC Seminar NED University on 11th August, 2016

Visit of Study Group of Leeds Paksitan to KIDCL on 27th July, 2016

7th BOD Meeting Held on 4th July 2016

Ground Breaking Ceremony of Green Line BRTS by the Prime Minister on 26th February, 2016

Field Visit / Brain Storming Session with Architects, Academia and Stakeholders

Board of Director’s Site Visit on 15th April, 2016

Meeting with Heritage Committee on 14th April, 2016

6th Board of Directors Meeting held on 14th April, 2016

Consultation with Architects on Green Line BRTS (17th Feb, 2016)

Brain Storming Session with Architects, Civil Society and Academia on Extension of Green Line BRTS (4th February, 2016)

Governor’s Visit at Site of Green Line BRTS Corridor

Green Line BRTS Route Map