Ms Al-Noor Construction & Gul Construction Company (JV) One of the disqualified bidder went against the decision of Evaluation Committee in Redressal Grievances Committee. Redressal Committee after having two detailed sessions on 24th May and 5th June, 2018 decided in favour of recommendations of Evaluation Committee on the following grounds:

a. Evaluation criteria given in the bidding document and mandatory requirement for JV partners as per their JV Share cannot be changed.

b. Construction Turnover of JV partner in last 03 years as per audited reports is more than Rs. 2.9 Billion, but Ms. Gul Construction in the submitted bidding documents has not shown any construction activity in the last 05 years.

c. Specific definition of Relevant Experience (similar nature and complexity) as given in the bid document is obligatory on both the JV partners as per their share in JV. Specific experience of Gul Construction in construction of Flyovers and Underpass in the urban area up to the tune of Rs. 600.0 Million in last 10 Years, with similar complexity is not available.

d. Contractors are also claim the merger of Ms. Ayub Brothers and Ms. Gul Construction Company and have attached experience of Ms. Ayub Brothers in support of Ms. GCC. However, the Bidding Documents reflect a Partnership deed which does not carry details on merger of the two companies.

Ms. Al-Noor Construction & Gul Construction Company (JV) also filed suit against the KIDCL in the High Court of Sindh. Hon High Court of Sindh in his two hearings on 25th May and 30th May, 2018 have issued no interim injunctions to bar KIDCL from proceeding with the procurement process.