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Karachi Infrastructure Development Co. Ltd. (KIDCL) is a public limited company established under the Company Ordinance, 1984. It is based in Karachi to carry on the business of infrastructure development, expansion and improvement, in line with government policy for planning, designing, implementing, constructing and executing infrastructure development projects in Karachi and adjoining areas.

Currently the corridor of the Green Line Bus Rapid Transit System has completed with state-of-the-art installations – monitoring cameras, surveillance and control mechanism, well-spaced bus stations. According to the original scope, the project was to end at Gurumandir. However with other BRT Lines passing through M.A.Jinnah, a Common Corridor at Numaish has been included in Green Line project as its extended scope.

The more recently-announced Karachi Package is a comprehensive set of major projects and relatively smaller schemes, entrusted to KIDCL for execution. A.A. Associates Consortium have been hired as project consultants.

Civil work have commenced on Manghopir Road, Three Flyer-overs along Shershah Suri Road and Nishtar Road.

Green Line Bus Rapid Transit System

Significant progress have been achieved on construction of Green Line BRTS corridor. The original scope of the project, allocated into 16 contract packages, is nearing completion as per committed timeline in the start of the CFY.



Corridor (First Phase)
Bus Stations
Bus Depots
OCC Building
Elevators & Escalators
Lighting (GL2)

Karachi Package


The Honorable Prime Minister during his visit to Karachi on 12th August, 2017 announced Rs.25 Billion Development Package for Karachi. Accordingly, Prime Minister’s Office vide letter no 4020/M/SPM/2017 dated: 18th October, 2017 had issued a notification regarding approval for inclusion of different Development Schemes along with specific financial allocation. Moreover a provision of Rs. 8.00 billion for Karachi Package had been made in current Financial Year from funds allocated for “Special Federal Development Program” placed at S.No: 841 of PSDP 2017-18.

Further Karachi Infrastructure Development Company Limited (KIDCL), being a Federal Government Company, have been assigned  with the responsibility  to execute  the infrastructure development projects in Karachi and the same falls within the mandate originally   assigned to  KIDCL through Memo and Articles  of Association.

So far following Six (06) schemes have been approved by CDWP during meeting held on 15th January, 2018; 29th March, 2018 and 2nd May, 2018.


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Complete M.A. Jinnah Road both sides from Numaish up to Capri Cinema will be closed for Traffic from 1st Dec-2018 onwards for the Construction of Underpass.

Commuters are advised to please use alternate routes as reflected in the ROUTE MAP.

Innalillahi Wainnailaihi Rajeoon.

By the will of Allah, Hashmat ullah Lodi, Father of Prof Sarosh Lodi, board member of KIDCL passed away on 17th March 2019 at the age of 90.

Professor Sarosh requests duas for his Father.

May Allah raise his ranks in Jannah and give sabr to the family.